Buttercup Pedestal

Amanda Nordqvist 

2800 SEK

- Glass top: 23,4x25cm. 
Total height: 27,5cm
- Paperclay, cardborad, glass
- Pedestal 

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Amanda Nordqvist (b.1988 in Västerbotten) is an artist currently based in Stockholm. She works in multiple materials and techniques but considers textiles to be at the center of her practice. Light and color are important in her work, so is blurring the borders between painting and printing, art and craft, the white cube and the domestic space.

In 1984 she painted the walls of Gallery 6 in Stockholm (two walls in the Central Station curated by Kulturhuset). Her work was in dialoug with the danish artist Dorte Østergaard Jakobsen who covered the walls of Studio 4 in Kulturhuset with her painted textiles.   

E-mail amanda.m.nordqvist@gmail.com
Instagram @anordqvist