- Size: 80*170cm
- Materials: ash, oak wood, cooper, silver, steel.
- Technique: wood bending, electro forming,silver plating

Eglė Šitkauskaitė (b 1988) Tallinn  based artist originally from Lithuania, Vilnius. Eglė comes from the textile design background, at the moment working with jewelry and sculpture. 

My degree project revolves around the feeling of belonging and the notion of home, in times of transition, longing for what is left behind, and yet staying in between. I capture the ideas of places
and identity transformation through materiality. The wood bending becomes a metaphor for the human ability to adapt to the new environment and jewellery being a vessel encapsulated with memories that people carry with them.

E-mail egle.silko@gmail.com
Website www.eglesilko.com
Instagram @eglesilkojewelry