The piece I show is handwoven on a drawloom. It is a part of my exam work Utfläkt på ditt golv (exposed on your floor), where I was aiming to weave a rug, without compromising with the creative process.
I work intuitively with the technique. I strive to plan as little as possible, from the winding of the warp through the dyeing process and the weaving, listening to the thoughts and ideas that come to me while making. By putting myself in unknown territory, I force myself to trust in the process. It’s a constant hunt for a better way to make a weave, to endure the slowness of weaving and keep up with the pace of the brain. Time is preserved in the weave, the train of thoughts can never be hidden there. When we touch it, we stroke our hand over the weaver’s thoughts and feelings.

Josefin Gäfvert (b. 1988) is a weaving artist from Gotland, currantly based in Stockholm.

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- 175x 125 CM
- Wool, cotton rags, linen
- Handwoven on a drawloom