SNOWSCAPES exhibition poster, A3

Lea Constan

100 SEK

- A3
- glossy paper 300 gr
- laser print

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Outwardly, the Snowscapes exhibition was inspired by the events of 2003, particularly the disintegration of the american space shuttle Columbia upon access into the atmosphere. The shrapnel, including the body parts of seven astronauts, sprinkled across the southern continental united states, like so many snowflakes. The reason given for the misfortune was a small loosened piece of foam. It was known that this piece of foam met with the wing of the spacecraft on its way out into space, but the risk assessment team deemed it to be of negligible importance. 

It’s the little things.

The name of the spacecraft was given after a 1700s merchant ship conducting trade between the north American subcontinent and China.

This exhibition contained a series of experimental small-scale collapsing weaves called snowscapes. What is the affective relationship of this Icarus re-enactment with the ensuing wave of decolonialism spreading through western consciousness? Can it be seen within the context of the collapsing reality of the American dream? And how do we move forward? More specifically, how can we conceptualize new ways to weave  our realities together in order to reach a more meaningful whole?