Teresa Alton Borgelin

Price in SEK 2650

- Measurements in cm: 15x6,5x1,5
- Materials: birch wood, silver, plexiglass, oxidized chain, stainless steel & acrylic paint
- Technique: goldsmithing techniques and coloring
- Weight: 26,5g

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Teresa Alton Borgelin is a jewellery artist based in Stockholm. The curiosity of the human being and the relationship between body and jewellery is central in her work. With a variety of materials and techniques she explores behaviours, perceptions and values.
At the moment the focus is on layers and fragments and how the together build up an identity.

The brooch below is inspired by the building of Kulturhuset. Both have an outside, an inside and a contruction that holds everything together. The differrent parts of the brooch symbolizes the different activities that goes on in Kulturhuset. Together these parts build up an identity. The transparent material represents the facad of Kulturhuset and the windows facing Sergels torg, giving access to what is going on inside vs outside depending on where you stand.

In the imaginary exhibition in 2005 you would see brooches like this made of precious and non-precious materials which hopefully would engage discussions of what jewellery is or could be.

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